Achieving Our Vision: A Mid-Year Update on LGA’s Goals

Our entire team has a tradition of gathering once a year at an offsite retreat. We use this time to connect better as an organization and brainstorm on how we can further embody our organization’s values of thoughtful design, cultural and social connection, and environmental stewardship. In other words, LGA believes in a philosophy of […]

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Navigating the Labyrinth

The Diverse Paths to Becoming a Licensed Architect Embarking on the journey to become a licensed architect is akin to navigating a labyrinthine maze. With its twists, turns, and unexpected pathways, the road to licensure can vary greatly from one individual to another. At our firm, we celebrate the diverse backgrounds and journeys that have […]

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2024: Embracing Fresh Commitments and Renewed Resolutions

At LGA, the onset of a new year holds special significance for us, offering a moment for reflection on the past and the opportunity to chart a course for the future. As we step into our 38th year, our outlook is one of optimism, driven by a steadfast commitment to contribute meaningfully to the world. […]

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Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood

How Form-Based Code (FBC) Reduces Sprawl & Builds Communities When examining the origins of Form-Based Code (FBC) through a Google search, it highlights the work of Andres Duany and Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk, who created the first modern form-based code during the development of Seaside, Florida in 1982. However, the true genesis of any new idea often […]

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Jason Jorjorian and Lance Kirk

LGA Architecture Announces New Leadership: Jason Jorjorian, AIA as President and Lance Kirk, AIA as Vice President

LGA Architecture proudly announces Jason Jorjorian, AIA, as the new President, and Lance Kirk, AIA, as Vice President. This marks the third significant leadership change in LGA’s history, demonstrating the firm’s commitment to progress and growth. Jason Jorjorian has been an integral part of LGA for over 24 years, showcasing exceptional leadership and creative solutions […]

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Craig Galati, FAIA, FSMPS, CPSM Receives 2023 Weld Coxe Marketing Achievement Award

Craig Galati, FAIA, FSMPS, CPSM, Receives Highest Honor Within the Society for Marketing Professional Services

LGA couldn’t be more excited that our very own Craig Galati, FAIA, FSMPS, CPSM, has been honored with the 2023 Weld Coxe Marketing Achievement Award by the Society for Marketing Professional Services. Craig accepted his award during Amplify A|E|C, the Society’s annual conference, on August 10, 2023, in Austin, TX. The Weld Coxe Marketing Achievement […]

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LGA Team - Arts District

We’re Moving!

The Shoemaker’s Children are getting some shoes! LGA has outgrown our space. Don’t get me wrong, we’re a close-knit group, but the past twelve months have been close-close. So for over a year we have been searching for the perfect new home – and we’ve had a lot of stipulations. We wouldn’t budge on all […]

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Silverado Ranch Community Center Groundbreaking

Breaking Ground – a Major Milestone for the Silverado Ranch Community Center

The LGA Architecture team celebrated the groundbreaking for the Silverado Ranch Community Center on February 13, 2023. Clark County Commissioner Michael Naft, whose district the community center is located in, gave his thanks to the many individuals who have helped progress the project to this point. Congresswoman Susie Lee and Clark County Commissioner Jim Gibson […]

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St. John Neumann Roman Catholic Church Groundbreaking

25 Years in the making – A true “home” for the St. John Neumann Roman Catholic Church

On Thursday, January 5, 2023, several members of the LGA team visited the St. John Neumann Roman Catholic Church in North Las Vegas for the groundbreaking of their new Church. The ceremony began in the central room of the existing parish hall, and a special video message from the founding administrator, and subsequently the first […]

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Happy New Year!

As we rang in 2023, LGA began its 37th year in business. Over the years, we have seen tremendous change in our community, the world, and our firm. This will be the 37th time of revealing new goals for the year and reflecting upon the past year. 2022 was an amazing year for the firm. […]

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LGA 2022 Company Retreat – A Reset and Recharge

The LGA team recently visited the Clark County Wetlands Park for our annual company retreat. It’s in our busiest times that we find it the most difficult to break away, and yet it’s also in these times that we need it the most. During these outings, LGA always tries to choose a location with a […]

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Gardening Tips from Garden Farms of Nevada

When visiting the grocery store, or ordering take out, it’s easy to occasionally take where our food is sourced for granted. One solution to help appreciate our food, as well as its nutritional benefits, can be by starting a garden. However, this can be easier said than done, as not everyone has a natural green […]

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Thought (ful) Leader

There is a lot of buzz in the world about the need to become an expert in something, a thought leader. This is obviously a worthy goal and your expertise could greatly benefit your company, your community and your career. But…is expertise enough? Perhaps, what the world really needs is thoughtful leaders—leadership that is in […]

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The main stairs at Cristo Rey St. Viator College Preparatory Academy, education design by LGA Architecture.

Creating Exceptional Student Experiences

When you think of your childhood, do you think of your carefully curated daily arrival onto your elementary school property? When you think of your earliest lessons in learning, do you think of the classroom? Neither do we, but often this is the architect jargon of educational-spaces intended outcomes. The things that made our own […]

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Spring Mountains Visitor Gateway

Why Experiences Matter

Over the past several years, we at LGA Architecture have focused on the design of experiences for our clients and their patrons. We developed new processes and protocols to ensure that the appropriate experiences are created. We have also hosted several experience designers to discuss the creative process through our Fireside Chat series including the […]

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LGA Architecture Principal Lance Kirk, AIA, LEED AP Elected 2021 President of AIA Nevada

The American Institute of Architects (AIA), Nevada Chapter recently announced the election of Lance Kirk, AIA as President of the state Chapter for 2021. In his role as President, Kirk will oversee the initiatives of the Chapter as well as continue to raise the standard of architecture in Nevada. “The membership of AIA Nevada is […]

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Riding the 2020 Roller Coaster

There is no question that 2020 has been one of the most challenging years in recent memory.  From COVID-19, learning how to work from home, a slow economy, and a contentious election, businesses had to deal with issues never seen before. Many companies have adapted at record speed to meet the challenging and changing needs […]

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Doubling Down on Our Service Model – Being of Service

At LGA Architecture, we have always held the belief that we exist to serve clients. A key component of that service lies in “being of service.” During the COVID-19 pandemic, as we watched our clients struggle with closures, loss of revenue, and working from home, we knew we needed to do something. At the same […]

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Rethinking Our Workplace

As we anxiously await the opportunity to return fully to our office environment, we are focusing on how to return to our space, together, collaboratively and safely. Our interior designer, Michelle Rimler, shared the most recent workplace trends for 2020. Employee Workplace The employee workplace should be designed as an experience for the staff. It […]

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Investing in Our Nation’s Fundamental Facilities

Infrastructure. It is a word frequently mentioned in various circles with little follow-through or tangible results to speak of, particularly at the national level. We’ve all heard of the “dismal state of our nation’s infrastructure” and how it is “crumbling” from politicians on both sides of the aisle, and for good reason. It’s certainly true. […]

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The Situation is Fluid

Of all the things I have learned during the COVID-19 pandemic, the one that sticks out the most is that “we don’t know what we don’t know.” The situation is fluid.  It reminds me of so many business situations where we think we know the answers, but most of the time, we don’t even know the […]

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Environment is Critical

Establishing a healthy building is on the forefront of everyone’s mind today. It seems we are all taking responsibility to care for each other and to procure the pulse of the buildings we occupy in our communities. The inherent signal inside each one of us to take care of one another defines our roles in […]

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Staying Connected

To establish a sense of normalcy and maintain culture while LGA Architecture continues to work remotely, we’ve started passing along the responsibility of a company-wide, daily email to each member of the staff. Each employee has the opportunity to share anything they feel is of value. Whether it’s a bit of insight, some inspiration, their […]

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It’s Not the Heat, It’s the Humidity: One Man’s Learnings from Las Vegas

I moved to Las Vegas from Iowa about eight months ago after over 60 years in the Midwest, specifically Chicago and Des Moines. Las Vegas was attractive due to the weather, the opportunity, and a desire to better understand the spirit of Vegas. To me Vegas is a great “Truly American” city with an automobile […]

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Children and adults enjoying the exhibits at the Discovery Children's Museum, designed by LGA Architecture.

Preparing to re-open the doors

It’s not a stretch to state that the current coronavirus crisis caught most everyone by surprise.  Within a matter of days and weeks, the world changed right in front of us, leaving us wondering what the next step would be.  The crisis hit those businesses that rely on convening people especially hard.  Our cultural institutions […]

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An aerial view of the completed Clark County Public Works multi-use facility in Southwest Las Vegas, designed by LGA Architecture.


At LGA, we always strive to make our next project more energy efficient and healthier than the last. Case-in-point, the Clark County Public Works Field Operations Facility was completed and occupied in August of 2018 and is the County’s most energy efficient building in their portfolio. The Clark County Public Works Field Operations Facility is […]

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And Still, The World Moves On – A Message of Hope

These are unprecedented times.  Most of us have never been through anything like this.  The news is full of uncertainty, and social media fuels the blaze 130 characters at a time.  And still, the world moves on.  Millions of people log on from their home offices and do the best they can.  Millions more wish […]

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The Educational Experience of Tomorrow: Improved Learning through Better Design

Many scholars around the globe have pondered how to instruct students in “21st Century Learning.” Across the internet, designers, administrators, and communities have proposed multiple ways to add technology, build more fortified schools, and to simply become better designers as a way to teach the 21st century learner. These are all attempts at forcing additional […]

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Earth Day 2020: Embodied Carbon and Local Events

Earth Day, Saturday, April 25, 2020, is fast approaching. And by fast, I mean approximately 1,700 kilometers per hour. This is the speed at which the Earth revolves around our sun and, while perhaps not the fastest massive body in our galaxy or solar system, our planet makes up for its relatively low speed with […]

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The Milky Way, Nevada, USA

Let there be Night

I like camping, hiking, and other outdoorsy activities. So, on Labor Day weekend 2018, my Mom, 5 gal pals, and I headed to Great Basin National Park. The drive is only 4.5 hours from Las Vegas northbound on Highway 93. We were ready for an epic adventure, with our arrival to camp estimated around 7pm. […]

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Girl Scouts of Southern Nevada to build camp in Alamo

Moving forward with its vision of creating a Girl Scout camp for girls in Southern Nevada and beyond, Girl Scouts of Southern Nevada (GSSNV) has selected Las Vegas-based LGA Architecture as the firm to design and develop the property in Alamo, 90 minutes north of Las Vegas. The camp will be situated on 36 acres […]

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Investing in Giving Back

“Company culture” seems to be the biggest buzz word in work-related conversations amongst people my age. I’m 26 and I’ve learned to fully embrace my millennial-ness. Yes, that means I’m boycotting single-use plastic and I’ve learned everything I know from a podcast. In my numerous discussions about my new-ish workplace, (I’ve worked at LGA for […]

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Powershift Primer – New Year, New Funding Incentives

Often, when contemplating the ways that the built-environment can help mitigate climate change, the task can become increasingly onerous. For a variety of reasons, it is not always easy to find footing on the path toward sustainability. Nevertheless, they say that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. One of the […]

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Design for Memories

What designers should know about creating memorable experiences

We all have memories — some great, some not so great, and some we will always cherish.  But, did you know that many of your memories were created by others for you?  Think of attending a museum, going to an interpretive facility, taking a picture with your family year after year at the same spot […]

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LGA staff and students at the Cristo Rey St. Viator Preparatory High School

A Night Worthy of Fireworks

Do you know what’s rewarding? Having a 14 year old student give you a tour through the building you designed for them; and have them tell you why it’s special. We got that opportunity a couple weeks ago at the ribbon cutting ceremony for our latest completed project  – The Cristo Rey St. Viator College […]

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Cocktail tables set up in the cactus gardens at the Springs Preserve Venue.

Visitor Experience Ethnography

What’s the saying, “Those who fail to learn history, are doomed to repeat it?” There’s something about this industry that almost forces you to close out a project and move on to  what’s next because that is in fact how architects keep the lights on. But, as a firm, we really do try to check […]

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Students and LGA staff with students at the Cristo Rey St. Viator College Preparatory School.

Cristo Rey – Draft Day

So much bigger than an internship. Bigger than architecture. Even bigger than the NBA… The Cristo Rey St. Viator College Preparatory High School recently opened its doors in North Las Vegas welcoming their inaugural class of freshmen. Although The Cristo Rey Network® is comprised of 37 Catholic, college-and career-preparatory schools, serving 12,000 students across 24 […]

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