Staying Connected

May 12, 2020

To establish a sense of normalcy and maintain culture while LGA Architecture continues to work remotely, we’ve started passing along the responsibility of a company-wide, daily email to each member of the staff. Each employee has the opportunity to share anything they feel is of value. Whether it’s a bit of insight, some inspiration, their favorite recipe, or exciting project updates, it’s been great to hear a different person’s perspective every morning.

Project Designer, Adam Bradshaw provided these inspiring words in his email last week. We thought they were good enough to share with more than just our team of 17:

The past several months have been something I’ve wrestled with internally to process, accept, and ultimately try to come to grips with. It’s a tragedy unfolding before our eyes, and an immense one at that.

But the one thing that gives me hope is that we, as a people, seem to do our best when the chips are down. When tragedy strikes us, we don’t back down, we don’t acquiesce: we fight on.

Each of us, I think, is individually responsible for deciding to either

  1.  Let this hardship defeat us and retreat into factionalism, or
  2. To band together and rise to the occasion turning this into what could be our finest hour.

It’s an interesting era, where one person’s choices and decisions actually have a profound impact on what happens next. I, for one, am very proud that LGA has chosen to stand on what I believe is the right side of history: to turn the tide.

There is a quote that NASA is fond of using to describe the dangers of its missions, which I find is actually quite appropriate to my message today: ad astra per aspera (translation: a rough road leads to the stars). They envisioned this as a way of describing that bold spirit to venture off into the darkness of the unknown, facing peril every step of the way. While we aren’t braving the depths of space, we are facing a different kind of darkness, I think, and what we do to stand against it will be the measure of all of us when history looks back at this time.

We can do it, guys – we’ve come this far.