Figure Skating

The Third Place

You know that as soon as we had this assignment, I was probably planning to write something on the subject of skating. But I saw this super cool video last year that combined figure skating, biophilia, and design, so I have to share it! A quick fun fact, if you didn’t know why figure skating […]

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Rubiks Cube

A Puzzling Design

Anyone know who this architect is? This is Erno Rubik who is the inventor of what we all know now as the Rubik’s Cube. As a Hungarian architect and professor of architecture for the Budapest College of Applied Arts, Erno decided that he wanted to develop a design tool for his students that could be […]

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Building Memories

After the infamous year of 2020, we have so much to be grateful for and reflect back on. From sweet songs that have touched our hearts, to YouTube videos filmed from the quaint homes and backyards of the world. We remembered compassion while loving parents reached into the deepest and honest levels of empathy for […]

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Don’t Confuse Effort with Results

“Don’t confuse effort with results.” If you hang around John Haddad long enough in your career, you will likely hear the above quote from him. After spending over 20 years with John, like I have, it will be something you will have heard a few hundred times and will become a lesson ingrained into your […]

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Mercury in Retrograde

As Wednesday approaches once again, it’s fallen to me to share an important piece of knowledge with you all. Let me tell you, I don’t bear this responsibility lightly. We’ve already learned of legendary subjects ranging from the creation of museums to the indomitable human spirit adapting to the shifting economic drivers of the 21st […]

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Redefining Place and Purpose

While I was still in college, I’d intern at an architecture firm in Hawaii that was very similar to LGA in terms of company culture, creative coworkers, and that general sense of enjoyment everyone had about going to work everyday, something I’ve heard can be rare in our industry. We did a similar thing to […]

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Let Them Eat Frogs

It’s been happening a lot more lately than it used to. I hear myself say, “Well, I didn’t get to it, I’ll move it to tomorrow. I’ll definitely do it tomorrow.” I don’t think COVID helped with my need to procrastinate the more annoying tasks on my list, especially when I feel like the world […]

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New Perspective

Shifting Perspectives

As most of you know, I’m very, well, passionate about maps. Both cartography and geography as a whole, really. Maps are really just layers and layers of information presented in a 2D form, in such a way as to effectively convey that information to another viewer. Given the drawings that we as a firm work […]

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Inspector Checking Third Rail

Tales from the Third Rail

Most people think of trains as running on coal; this is actually false and outdated information. A vast majority of trains run on diesel engines nowadays, with the exception being most inner-city light rail applications. In the late 19th century, European and Asian technology allowed for train infrastructure to install a third rail that delivered […]

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The Mystery of Museum History

After reading the book, The Power of Moments, I thought, when did humans create the first museum? My first guess was the early Romans. Wrong. Perhaps the Egyptians? Wrong again. It was the Brits. The first museum in the world is generally thought to be the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford, England. Named after Elias Ashmole, […]

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