Draw Together

There’s a lot at risk when building. Stakeholders and decision-makers will have very specific ideas and opinions about the project. And, potentially the entire community may want to be heard. The challenges can be significant, but that’s where we come in. LGA can help find a balance.

When prospective clients are concerned they won’t be able to engage the community and generate the enthusiasm necessary to fund the project, we are the partner who will invest the time, listen to problems and concerns, gain insights on the current situation and explore new ideas. LGA will act as your representative and work with everyone to create a mutually agreeable solution. We’ll involve, engage and guide them so they are motivated to support the project emotionally and financially. Our projects sustain our clients by becoming the financial draw they need.

We believe places can only be effective if the community they serve is involved and engaged in the design process. At LGA, we understand the need to draw together community members for input. We are able to promote a sense of enthusiasm around the potential and positive impact a new place will have on their lives.

Draw together also implies our projects become beacons for the community. Joyful places that literally draw people together to discover, learn, be entertained, play, experience and live.

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