2024: Embracing Fresh Commitments and Renewed Resolutions

January 18, 2024

At LGA, the onset of a new year holds special significance for us, offering a moment for reflection on the past and the opportunity to chart a course for the future. As we step into our 38th year, our outlook is one of optimism, driven by a steadfast commitment to contribute meaningfully to the world.

The year 2023 unfolded as a remarkable chapter for our firm. Endeavors such as the new Downtown Civic Center Building and Plaza propelled us to refine and elevate our design processes. The move into our new office in the Arts District not only infused fresh energy but also bolstered our confidence to further our purpose. Settling into this space enabled us to foster connections with local artists and businesses, exemplified by our upcoming hosting of the 18b Arts District Association at our new office this month.

Our annual retreat guided us in delineating key objectives, with a pronounced focus on the environment. As proud signatories of the AIA 2030 Commitment, and LGA becoming increasingly more aware of the material and product choices we make as architects, we have committed to two environmental stewardship goals for 2024:

  • Our projects energy use will meet or exceed the 2003 CBECS baseline by 60%- this goal is extremely important to us as we believe we can make significant progress toward reaching the 2030 Commitment. Utilizing cove.tool, we will model each project, assessing performance at the Schematic Design, Design Development, and Construction Documents Phases.
  • Consistently specifying Red-List free materials and establishing a comprehensive material database applicable to all our projects. This initiative ensures the continued use of environmentally friendly materials while phasing out those that fall short of our standards. The integration of our database with other reputable environmental group databases further solidifies our commitment.

In parallel, we have set community-centric goals to enhance the collaborative nature of our projects:

  • Formulating a stakeholder engagement plan for all projects, underscoring our responsibility to prioritize stakeholder involvement as a prerequisite to project design.
  • Developing a robust strategy and process for public engagement in our public projects. This entails closer collaboration with our public clients to propose sound public engagement processes for all such projects.

Armed with these clear objectives, we embark on 2024 with enthusiasm and readiness. Whatever your goals, we wish you a wonderful 2024.