Inclusive, Collaborative and Caring

LGA is a place where everyone’s ideas are valued and differing opinions are welcomed – A company where change is understood as a necessary reality that forges a better workplace. Co-workers are friends, mentors and advocates, and we treat each other with care and respect. LGA is an ever-evolving company of people who want to do something significant in the world. 

When we started the firm, we knew how important a strong, meaningful culture would be for our employees and clients. When a team likes the culture, they’re more creative, productive, and truly enjoy coming to work. When you treat your employees well – like the professionals they are – in turn, they will treat clients well. It’s a win-win for everyone.

We aren’t the kind of company where the principals sit in a room, figure everything out, then tell the team what to do. LGA is participatory. We like feedback, interaction, teamwork and the natural give-and-take that goes along with the work we do. Everyone’s voice contributes to what we do as a company and how we look toward the future.

Cultural fit has always been a strong part of our hiring process and we’re proud that we’ve had a long history of employees who have enjoyed working in a highly collaborative, flexible, empathetic and comfortable workplace. 

A picture of the LGA team, a culture of inclusive, collaborative and caring people.

We’re Kinda Quirky

Some say we’re unconventional. We ring bells to celebrate getting a project in or getting a project out – a baby bell for minor things and a big one for significant achievements. Sometimes we break out the champagne. Or, the bubble machine. 

Then there’s the Mojo Ritual. When we’re ready to ship out a big proposal we put it on the front counter and everyone puts their good luck “mojo” onto it. People invoke the spirit with tokens, keys and other symbols. It’s rituals that bind companies together.  

We have been visited by dogs, a walrus and a bunny over the years – and all were made to feel welcome. On Thursday we bake bread. It’s probably good karma since our office is in a restored bread factory. We like to think we’re keeping tradition alive. The building isn’t perfect, but it’s perfect for us. It feels just right for who we are.  

We have fun. It’s what makes us human. 

Purpose Driven Goals

We are bonded tighter by a common purpose. The feeling resides in our shared goals to create happiness in the world through our work. Whether we are in the office, the community or somewhere beyond, that feeling is innate in all of us. 

As a company, we know there is something special about working at LGA. Our team takes the time to regularly check in on our values, purpose and vision. We know where we want to go, even when the path is challenging or throws us some curveballs. 

A picture of the LGA team, a culture of inclusive, collaborative and caring people.

A Living Future for All

Everything we do and everything we design, we create for someone else’s future. We care about that “whatever-there-is beyond.” We want to utilize regenerative design; where we are givers and not takers of society and the environment. To build buildings that generate more energy than they use and provide a safe environment for all – to restore a healthy and harmonious coexistence with nature. We want to create a positive impact on human and natural systems in our communities.

We see the places we create as part of a larger picture, where the architecture and land are one. Where people can come together to experience, live, learn, reimagine, heal, or be transformed.  

LGA wants to create socially just, culturally rich and ecologically restorative communities. With these tenets as our goal, we have joined the International Living Future Institute and believe in their initiatives for building a better world. For more information, visit the International Living Future Institute.