We’re Moving!

March 28, 2023

The Shoemaker’s Children are getting some shoes!

LGA has outgrown our space. Don’t get me wrong, we’re a close-knit group, but the past twelve months have been close-close. So for over a year we have been searching for the perfect new home – and we’ve had a lot of stipulations. We wouldn’t budge on all of the aspects of a space that we strive to create for our own clients.

✔️ Must be downtown with walkable access to amenities – good restaurants, good bars, good coffee.
✔️ Must have views to outdoors for each member of our staff.
✔️ Must use healthy materials.
✔️ Must have ample daylighting.
✔️ Must have good acoustics.
✔️ Must be sustainable.
✔️ Must have adaptable and flexible space.
✔️ Must have plants.
✔️ Must be safe.
✔️ Must be “us.”

This was no small feat and I’m sure our real estate agent could elaborate further. Finding a space with sufficient parking downtown was hurdle #1, and then we layered on the “LGA must have’s” and the improbability of finding our “perfect home” felt defeating. We had some hard meetings that included conversations like “Do we have to look outside of the Arts District?” “Is the universe telling us that we’re being too picky?” “We can’t waste anymore time – we’ll just have to compromise.” But we stuck to our guns, and we’ve been working hard doing what we do best. Coming together and incorporating all of our voices and independent thoughts to solve problems.

And I can ecstatically announce that WE’RE MOVING! We should be in our new digs at the corner of E Colorado Ave and S 3rd Street in the Downtown Arts District just in time to kick off the summer.

We have used the The shoemaker’s children always go barefoot analogy quite often throughout this process. But I’m proud of our team for carving out time for “us” despite being the busiest we have ever been. And it’s going to make all the difference in the world. Can’t wait to see how this new energy will impact our future.

Brittany Bleak, Marketing Director at LGA Architecture.Brittany Bleak leads LGA’s strategic marketing initiatives. She holds a Bachelor Degree in Journalism from the University of Nevada, Reno. Brittany is known for always challenging the status quo. Brittany joined the firm in 2013 as the Administrative Manager/Marketing Coordinator and managed the firm’s accounting, business management, and marketing. She assumed the Marketing Director position in 2016. Brittany is active in the Society for Marketing Professional Services serving on the SMPS Las Vegas Board of Directors for eight years. She was SMPS Las Vegas President in 2014 and currently is the Director of Communications.