Live Together

At LGA, we believe all places should be designed to be harmonious with their environment and respectful to the natural surroundings. This includes a commitment to sustainability, the use of natural light, minimizing energy needs and the conservation of water. Our intent is to make the world a brighter, more sustainable place by designing places that are in tune with nature – where we can all live together in the bigger sense, where we give more than we take.

The built environment is expected to be energy efficient and meet expectations for water conservation. Owners expect their architect to deliver on the promise of sustainability. They don’t want to be faced with the possibility of explaining to stakeholders why their new building is unnecessarily using extra power and water, especially in a region where water is in short supply. Also, in regions where light and natural beauty are abundant, stakeholders fear promoting a building to their communities that looks out of place in its surroundings. A design that does not blend well into the community or native environment will not create expected enthusiasm and could endanger further funding of the project.

LGA creates buildings that “belong” in their settings; places that become an integral part of a community. A commitment to a living future is fundamental to our belief system, one that we live and breathe every day.

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