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Experiential Design or Experience Architecture is the art of articulating a user journey or story, one that considers not just how a place can look, but how it can be better for the humans who interact with it. It’s the strategy of using specific design elements to elicit an emotional response and immerse people in a narrative. The engagement and emotional attachment someone feels when they enter the place – the connectedness – is a central strategy for human-centric design. 

We understand the design of the built environment is a significant undertaking. It’s a very costly endeavor that will impact a community for generations to come. Our team is with you every step, leading the way. We skillfully navigate the project’s complexities, while remaining attentive, caring and focused on creating a place that meets today’s needs and anticipates tomorrow’s. 

LGA is passionate about experiential design and working together to bring a project to life. We are committed to helping our clients design places that positively transform every visitor, create connectedness and exceed hopes and dreams; all while being mindful of budgets and timelines. 

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