Values and Philosophy

When we started Lucchesi Galati Architects (LGA) back in 1986, the philosophy was simple – provide great client service, develop the best architecture possible within a budget and design a project that fits its context, creating a great place.

Now we are LGA Architecture. We still hold dear those values that Julio Lucchesi and business visionary, Ray Lucchesi, set forth so many years prior. But, evolving from those early days, our philosophy has grown into something more. We also believe we can collaboratively work with our clients to create places that unite communities, connect the surrounding environment and create connections that will endure for generations.

When partnering with LGA, clients know they are working with a team whose passion matches their own. We’ll look after best interests and produce deliverables that are sensitive to timelines and budgets. We’ll create a thoughtful design that transforms every visitor; design that is embraced by community and is harmonious with the environment.

Sustainability is also a foundation of our business. We always incorporate ways to be environmentally conscious within a set budget. We reduce energy consumption by looking at wind patterns, site orientation, solar gain and more, while creating a better place to live, work or play. Sustainability is not just a word to us; it’s a moral principle in the way we practice architecture. 

LGA will never become a commodity. Our services will always be meticulously tailored for each engagement and we will protect our clients’ investments as if they were our own. 

Craig Galati, John Haddad, Jason Jorjorian, and Lance Kirk, principals at LGA Architecture

Creating a Legacy By Bringing the Right People Together

Our talented team of licensed architects, interior designers, construction managers, process designers and facilitators, each bring their own professional expertise, energy, confidence and love for great architecture.

We hire people not just for their hands, but for their hearts and minds. We treat them like partners and won’t lay them off after a project is complete. We’re in this for the long-term and are committed to building a culture of like-minded people to create amazing places.