Creating an Improved Community

Community is a core value for us. Not just a photo op. We see ourselves as stewards of our habitat and designing meaningful architecture is our passion. We are designers of community; part and parcel of Southern Nevada and understand its history, business, economics, diversity and future. We plan on being a big part of that tomorrow and whatever may come. We want to make a dent in the universe.

We created many of the most conversation-starting projects in this town. Discovery Children’s Museum, the Desert Living Center & Gardens at the Springs Preserve, the Spring Mountains Visitor Gateway, and the new renovation to The Mob Museum, to name a few. We are thrilled and honored to have worked on those projects. 

But, some of the more poignant and purposeful projects have been the most impactful. For example, no one has designed more homeless facilities than LGA. We created over 800 beds of shelter and 275 homeless housing units for those in need. With another 500 beds of shelter in the works we are continuing our commitment to serving our community. 

We give our time to the community in so many ways; we participate on boards, donate design work, volunteer and contribute monetarily. Most of our clients are friends. The two often go hand-in-hand and we do good things together. 

We believe in the Big Picture and want to make a positive difference in our community and for the future.