Staying Connected

To establish a sense of normalcy and maintain culture while LGA Architecture continues to work remotely, we’ve started passing along the responsibility of a company-wide, daily email to each member of the staff. Each employee has the opportunity to share anything they feel is of value. Whether it’s a bit of insight, some inspiration, their […]

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It’s Not the Heat, It’s the Humidity: One Man’s Learnings from Las Vegas

I moved to Las Vegas from Iowa about eight months ago after over 60 years in the Midwest, specifically Chicago and Des Moines. Las Vegas was attractive due to the weather, the opportunity, and a desire to better understand the spirit of Vegas. To me Vegas is a great “Truly American” city with an automobile […]

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Children and adults enjoying the exhibits at the Discovery Children's Museum, designed by LGA Architecture.

Preparing to re-open the doors

It’s not a stretch to state that the current coronavirus crisis caught most everyone by surprise.  Within a matter of days and weeks, the world changed right in front of us, leaving us wondering what the next step would be.  The crisis hit those businesses that rely on convening people especially hard.  Our cultural institutions […]

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An aerial view of the completed Clark County Public Works multi-use facility in Southwest Las Vegas, designed by LGA Architecture.


At LGA, we always strive to make our next project more energy efficient and healthier than the last. Case-in-point, the Clark County Public Works Field Operations Facility was completed and occupied in August of 2018 and is the County’s most energy efficient building in their portfolio. The Clark County Public Works Field Operations Facility is […]

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And Still, The World Moves On – A Message of Hope

These are unprecedented times.  Most of us have never been through anything like this.  The news is full of uncertainty, and social media fuels the blaze 130 characters at a time.  And still, the world moves on.  Millions of people log on from their home offices and do the best they can.  Millions more wish […]

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The Educational Experience of Tomorrow: Improved Learning through Better Design

Many scholars around the globe have pondered how to instruct students in “21st Century Learning.” Across the internet, designers, administrators, and communities have proposed multiple ways to add technology, build more fortified schools, and to simply become better designers as a way to teach the 21st century learner. These are all attempts at forcing additional […]

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Earth Day 2020: Embodied Carbon and Local Events

Earth Day, Saturday, April 25, 2020, is fast approaching. And by fast, I mean approximately 1,700 kilometers per hour. This is the speed at which the Earth revolves around our sun and, while perhaps not the fastest massive body in our galaxy or solar system, our planet makes up for its relatively low speed with […]

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The Milky Way, Nevada, USA

Let there be Night

I like camping, hiking, and other outdoorsy activities. So, on Labor Day weekend 2018, my Mom, 5 gal pals, and I headed to Great Basin National Park. The drive is only 4.5 hours from Las Vegas northbound on Highway 93. We were ready for an epic adventure, with our arrival to camp estimated around 7pm. […]

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Girl Scouts of Southern Nevada to build camp in Alamo

Moving forward with its vision of creating a Girl Scout camp for girls in Southern Nevada and beyond, Girl Scouts of Southern Nevada (GSSNV) has selected Las Vegas-based LGA Architecture as the firm to design and develop the property in Alamo, 90 minutes north of Las Vegas. The camp will be situated on 36 acres […]

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Investing in Giving Back

“Company culture” seems to be the biggest buzz word in work-related conversations amongst people my age. I’m 26 and I’ve learned to fully embrace my millennial-ness. Yes, that means I’m boycotting single-use plastic and I’ve learned everything I know from a podcast. In my numerous discussions about my new-ish workplace, (I’ve worked at LGA for […]

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