Boulder City & Carson City Adventure Centers

Boulder City, Nevada & Carson City, Nevada

Nevada boasts the second-largest outdoor recreation capacity in the nation, yet faces a shortage in outdoor recreation infrastructure. Addressing this gap, the Boulder City and Carson City Adventure Centers are set to elevate the outdoor tourism experiences in two of Nevada’s historic cities. These projects will be strategically placed at existing tourist destinations – the Chamber of Commerce and Welcome Center in Boulder City, and the Chamber of Commerce and Nevada State Railroad Museum in Carson City. The objective is to not only enhance the value for neighboring entities but also create an immersive and engaging visitor experience in its own right.

Comprised of five, 10×20, fabricated building containers, each Adventure Center will be available for lease to tour operators and other outdoor recreation-related businesses. Locations with utility stubs for additional units are designated to accommodate future expansion. Furthermore, each Adventure Center will feature a decorative plaza, various site amenities, a foundation for a site sculpture, and shade canopies. Beyond serving as a base camp for tour operators and outdoor retailers, these centers aspire to support events, promote the safe and responsible enjoyment of the outdoors, and foster connections with the local communities.

Carson City Adventure Center


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