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Thanh Le, Project Designer at LGA Architecture.

Thanh Le, Assoc. AIA

Thanh Le emigrated from Vietnam to the United States at a young age and grew up immersed in fine arts. She found her passion in architecture and graduated from UNLV, obtaining both a Bachelor of Science in Architecture and Master of Architecture degree. She believes that architecture should provide comfort, beauty, and improve one’s quality of life. She was drawn to LGA as she too, is interested in merging psychology into architectural practice and has always been fascinated with how human behaviors impact architecture. Her ultimate goal in any design is to create a better world, to bring communities together, and to create wellness through her design strategies – a mantra of LGA.

Favorite Project Ingredients: Balance, Form, Senses, and Nature.

Something You Didn’t Know:  “Who Am I?” That is the one question that resonates within me. Therefore, I often search for a teacher/master who can help me connect with my spirituality to find the answer and find my true purpose that benefits mankind.  

Friends: Love, Kindness, Patience, and Compassion.

Foes: Hatred, Greed, and Selfishness.

Just Breathe”