St. John Neumann Roman Catholic Church

North Las Vegas, Nevada

LGA Architecture has had the privilege of working with the St. John Neumann Roman Catholic Church community since the parish’s inception over 20 years ago.

LGA Architecture master planned the 14-acre site in North Las Vegas for a Church and Parish Center to be built over time. As part of the first phase of work, LGA provided professional services to design the 29,000 sf Parish Center, which was constructed in 2003. The building features a multi-purpose space, meeting rooms, offices, kitchen, outreach, library, teen room, chapel, and gift shop. The multi-purpose space provides an 800-seat capacity worship space for parishioners, and was intended to serve the community until funds could be raised to build a new Church.

Since its opening in 2003, the Parish Center has been a success in bringing the community together to worship, learn, volunteer, and celebrate. As the surrounding areas in North Las Vegas have developed over the years, St. John Neumann Roman Catholic Church has seen more and more families become part of the Parish. As a result of this increase, the Diocese asked LGA to design an expansion to the existing parking lot, which was added in 2018. A dedicated Blessed Sacrament Chapel for adoration was also designed by LGA in 2018. While the original Parish Center design accounted for much flexibility of use and growth, the need for a larger worship space has never been greater.

In 2019, the Diocese of Las Vegas asked LGA to work with Pastor Marc Howes and the St. John Neumann staff to update the original master plan, and begin design on the new Church. The vision for the new Church is built upon the idea of circles as the main activity points that invite, welcome, and embrace. The new architecture invites the old to become one with it; the existing community welcomes future parishioners to become a part; and, all are embraced by the spiritual exaltation of Mass within a vibrant and reverent place of worship.      

Through the vision, the project goals were identified: first and foremost, tie the two buildings together; create a new front door; continue the modern design aesthetic so the buildings act as a cohesive campus; and, create a dynamic worship space unique to this community that will serve them for years to come.


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Design Principle

The design concept is centered around the idea that sacred spaces are defined by their circular layout and relationship to each other: circles within circles act as a way of inviting, welcoming, and embracing with each other, and to the perfection that is Jesus Christ. The extension of the existing building into the new is meant to show the history of the parish, connecting the indoor and outdoor spaces as well. The new front door is the new face to the community for the entire campus.

The new 43,000 sf building is comprised of three components:

The first consists of a new entry drop off and front door, leading into the large Narthex with a full emersion Baptismal font. This space is connected and leads directly into the 1,300 seat worship space, with the adjacent Blessed Sacrament Chapel that can be seen from the Nave. The hallway and spaces on either side of the Narthex are set aside for the new Gift Shop, Ministry, Altar Services Room, Bride Room, Library, and Restrooms. The larger circulation space itself connects on axis with the outdoor walkway that links back to the existing Parish Hall entry plaza.

The second component of the new building is the Administration area, which will house offices for the Pastor, Priest, Associate Priest, a Conference Room, Break Room, and Vesting Sacristy. This new Admin area connects internally with the main hallway from the Parish Center, to make day to day work flow more integrated.

The third component consists of (6) Meeting Rooms, a Music Room, and offices for the Music Director and Assistant. The location of these rooms is adjacent to the meeting rooms in the existing Parish Center, and they are separated by an outdoor courtyard. The hallway connecting the two also creates access to the Blessed Sacrament Chapel, so it can be utilized when the rest of the worship space is closed.

The grand design element that ties these three components together is the internal circulation meant to link the existing Parish Center to the new Church. These wide hallways filter in natural light, connect the different uses of the building, allow views into the worship space; and, create space for group functions and events before and after each Mass service.

As part of our services on this project, LGA Architecture provided colored Site Plans, Floor Plans, and renderings of the new Church to be used for fundraising efforts. LGA Architecture is proud to be a part of the team helping to create a new home for the St. John Neumann Roman Catholic Church community.