Iora Health Renovations

Multiple States

Iora Health is a progressive organization that builds and operates primary care and wellness clinics throughout the United States that provide high quality, affordable care. LGA has been providing the architectural and engineering design for Iora since 2012 in the following states: Nevada, Arizona, Washington, Colorado, Georgia, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. Critical to our success with Iora, is a thorough understanding of how to work in the various locations and adjusting our design process to the different requirements of each jurisdiction. Iora’s practice has been to place their clinics in existing buildings and in underserved areas.


Iora Health is changing primary care as we know it. Their care team, which includes a dedicated advocate for each patient, works together to treat the whole person. They see people when they’re sick, but also when they’re well, so that they can keep them healthy.

Iora’s simple yet radically different approach to restoring humanity to health care is three-fold: Team-based care that puts the patient first, a payment system based on care, not billing codes, and technology built around people, not process. To put all this into action, they find organizations that share their vision. LGA was selected because of our ability to clearly understand that Iora was not just building clinics, their purpose was of a much higher order–they want to transform health care.

LGA’s design approach of care and empathy works well with Iora. We design clinics for them in multiple locations and each must key on the social and cultural aspects of those communities. While the building program may remain similar, our approach must change rapidly with each location. Iora’s deadlines are very tight as they must open the clinics to hit medicare open enrollment program deadlines. This means that LGA must ramp up quickly, understand the local processes, and deliver to meet the schedule.


The clinics include exam rooms, consultation rooms, reception area/public space, exercise studio, service kitchen, lab, and staff areas including the huddle room. The wellness clinics are all approximately 6,500 s.f. and are designed to be comfortable and easily accessible for the medicare clientele while still reflecting the look and feel of the Iora brand as customized for the locale.


Iora as a healthcare company is very concerned with indoor air quality. All finishes in the practices are zero VOC. Where we have an opportunity to upgrade systems, we always upgrade those systems for energy efficiency. We use LED lighting fixtures where appropriate and available.

A group room at an Iora Health Clinic, renovated and designed by LGA ArchitectureA laboratory at a Iora Health Clinic, renovated and designed by LGA Architecture.A reception desk at a Iora Health Clinic, renovated and designed by LGA Architecture