Girl Scouts Frias Frontier Camp Master Plan & Phase I

Alamo, Nevada

The Frias Frontier camp is envisioned for the Girl Scouts of Southern Nevada as a western-themed, desert environment camp that is reflective of the local pioneering history, culture, geography and climate. The architecture for the camp structures and features across the approximately 30-acre site located in Alamo, Nevada, will incorporate themes taken from Nevada’s mining and pioneering history, which will tie in seamlessly with the existing Cowboy’s Dream structures to create a rich, layered experience that will excite the girls to come back each year and discover new learning opportunities on the camp site.

The Girl Scouts Frias Frontier Camp is designed to align with the Girl Scouts’ mission on educating the next generation of leaders with exploration of STEAM subjects, outdoor activities and environmental stewardship. The master plan proposes a constructed swale to be the organizing feature on the vast site as well as a functional storm water drainage pattern. The irrigation water will be sourced from the existing agriculture water rights shared in the Alamo area, while the potable water will be taken from an existing well. In order to protect the environment and be able to recharge the groundwater, a constructed wetland system is incorporated in the master plan to naturally treat the wastewater generated on site.

The larger buildings on site will be designed to be solar ready to eventually take advantage of the Southern Nevada sun and be energy resilient. The programming for the campsite includes: a dining hall and events center, STEAM classrooms and labs, pool and shower facilities, a challenge course with high and low ropes, an archery station, ziplines, open play fields, cabins and other types of lodging to accommodate 350 campers, staff and ranger housing, and a maintenance facility.


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