Bureau of Reclamation – Yuma Area Office

Yuma, Arizona

LGA Architecture was commissioned by the Bureau of Reclamation to design a new office building for their Yuma Area Office (YAO). The objective was to create a space that not only brought the staff together but also served as a symbol of BOR’s mission and its significance to the community.

The YAO oversees extensive facilities along the lower Colorado River, managing vital infrastructure such as levees, canals, roads, and the Yuma Desalting Plant. With responsibilities extending to water delivery for a significant population and vast agricultural areas in Arizona, California, and Mexico, the YAO plays a crucial role in the region’s sustenance.

Design Concept

Drawing inspiration from the essence of Yuma’s life and industry, LGA Architecture integrated the area’s defining elements—water and agriculture—into the architectural concept, termed “Conexión de Vida” (Life Connection). The campus layout resembles fields viewed from above, with each building serving a distinct function while contributing to the overall harmony.

Indoor and outdoor pathways, influenced by the intricate canal system, link various areas, symbolizing the flow of water. Building facades and landscapes reflect the quilted patterns of agricultural fields, embedding the design with the region’s identity.

A central “river” of circulation flows through the heart of the Administration Office building, extending to other key areas like the Warehouse and Maintenance Shop. This naturalistic feature, echoed in courtyard landscaping, signifies the interconnectedness of nature and human activity.

The symbolic “river” serves as a metaphor for unity, bringing together the Yuma Area Campus’s diverse staff. By fostering a sense of connection and collaboration, the new campus aims to counter the isolation often associated with remote work, aligning with the broader mission of the YAO.

In essence, the “river” symbolizes not only the life-giving force of water but also the bond between people, sunlight, and the natural environment. Through this design approach, LGA Architecture endeavors to help the Yuma Area Office achieve its objectives and cultivate a unified office culture.


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