Bonanza High School Renovations

Las Vegas, Nevada

LGA Architecture was contracted to provide a comprehensive renovation of Bonanza High School located in the dense, urban heart of western Las Vegas, Nevada. After assessing the building, LGA agreed with CCSD’s preliminary determination that the campus was in need of significant upgrades to extend its useful life for another 25+ years, while modernizing the campus to improve its use for the students and staff.

Bonanza High School is one of the oldest facilities in the Clark County School District; the first classroom wing was constructed in 1968 with notable additions and improvements in 1974-76, 1997, 1999, 2001, 2003, and 2017. The school is capable of holding 2,364 students and there are a total of 105 teaching stations throughout the building. As one of the oldest schools in the district, there have been many notable alumni to graduate from this school: professional golfers & baseball players, state senators & lieutenant governors, and prominent Nevada business leaders. As LGA discovered through the exploration period, the school’s heritage means a lot to the surrounding community and the hundreds of thousands of alumni that have passed through the halls. It was important to keep the nostalgic feel to the campus while also providing needed modernization, without breaking the budget. The proposed scope of design and construction was extensive and itemized prior to the beginning of the design process. There are five main areas LGA and the consultant team viewed as needing improvement: site, whole building, building systems, networking, and new kitchen. As a late request of CCSD, LGA also provided design services to expand the existing cafeteria to facilitate the growing student body.

LGA held extensive meetings with CCSD departments including: Construction Management staff, Building Department officials, Food Services staff, Security and Networking Services personnel, school administrators, and janitorial staff before determining the final scope of work.


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