Bureau of Reclamation Hoover Dam Pedestrian Safety Upgrades

Boulder City, Nevada

Hoover Dam is an iconic structure that provides critical water and power resources to much of the southwest. Hoover Dam is also a popular tourist attraction and receives over 4 million visitors a year. Many of the visitors to Hoover Dam walk on the sidewalks on top of the dam and are vulnerable to being struck by vehicles. In 2018, the Bureau of Reclamation engaged LGA to design and provide construction support for Hoover Dam pedestrian safety upgrades. The goal of these upgrades were to not interfere with access for maintenance and operations of the dam as well as protect the visitor experience on the dam for both pedestrians and vehicles crossing the dam.

LGA took care to minimize impacts to the historic appearance of the dam, matching the existing architecture of the dam while working with Arizona and Nevada State Historic Preservation Offices. LGA planned for minimal disruptions during construction of the Hoover Dam pedestrian safety upgrades so that the top of dam could remain open to vehicle traffic and pedestrian flow.


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