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Tanner Hawkins

Tanner’s upbringing in Washington was steeped in creativity, thanks to his architect father and artist uncle. This early exposure to the arts laid a solid foundation for his journey. After earning a BFA in Visual Communications from Cornish College of the Arts, Tanner joined NBBJ Architecture in Seattle, initially as an Office Services Coordinator.Immersing himself in the architectural world, Tanner found himself increasingly drawn to the captivating renderings and stimulating discussions with the in-house marketing team, igniting a fervent passion for design.

Seeking to delve deeper into the intersection of architecture and marketing, Tanner transitioned to HB Workplaces in Las Vegas as a Marketing Coordinator.It was during this time at HB Workplaces that Tanner stumbled upon the iconic designs of Eames and Herman Miller, sparking a newfound fascination with interior design. This pivotal moment propelled him towards LGA, where he now collaborates with a diverse team of creative professionals, crafting dynamic graphics presentations and marketing collateral.For Tanner, inspiration knows no bounds—it can be found amidst the bustling energy of a city or the tranquil expanse of the desert.

Approaching every project with an insatiable curiosity, he constantly seeks to expand his skill set and refine his craft as a designer. Excited for the boundless opportunities that lie ahead with LGA, Tanner is eager to continue his journey of growth and innovation in the world of design.

Favorite Project Ingredients: Creativity

Something You Didn’t Know:  I have a secret love of pop music 

Friends: Family, Friends, Nature, Good Food and Strong Coffee

Foes: Taking Life too Seriously

“The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.”
― Albert Einstein