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Clara Riess

As a Project Designer at LGA, Clara Riess brings a deep-seated belief in the power of design thinking across various fields, recognizing its inherent synergy with education, science, and beyond. With a unique background blending STEM disciplines and architectural studies, Clara is adept at approaching projects with a holistic perspective, integrating diverse insights and methodologies.

Her academic journey reflects her interdisciplinary approach. Clara earned her Master of Architecture degree from Arizona State University, where she delved into case studies and developed entire architectural projects grounded in this ethos. Prior to her graduate studies, she pursued a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Design at Arizona State University, laying the foundation for her exploration of sustainable and innovative design solutions.

Before transitioning to architecture, Clara engaged in Engineering and Physics studies at Biola University, broadening her analytical skills and scientific understanding. Additionally, her studies in Religious Studies at Biola University provided her with a rich cultural and philosophical framework that informs her approach to design.

With her diverse educational background and passion for interdisciplinary collaboration, Clara is poised to make meaningful contributions to the field of architecture and beyond, driven by a steadfast commitment to innovative, inclusive, and sustainable design practices.

Favorite Project Ingredients: Location Location Location… I love when projects have unique design choices that are solely based in project context, making it nearly impossible to replicate elsewhere. 

Something You Didn’t Know: I am a thrill seeker who will try any new adventure for the joy of seeing life in new perspectives. This includes getting my motorcycle license, skydiving, traveling alone to New York, Paris, and Rome, skiing, offroading and extreme conditions driver training.

Friends: Wearing the color black, Disneyland, theater, immersion design, gothic architecture and french desserts 

Foes: Complacency 

“This is where the fun begins”