UNLV Lied Library Renovations

Las Vegas, Nevada

Academic libraries have changed as society becomes more digital and learning shifts from passive to more interactive.  Libraries have shifted to from static repositories to more connected, flexible and active spaces.  The new generation of student looks for opportunities to connect with their fellow students and many university courses have moved to project based team models.

The UNLV Lied Library opened in January, 2001. As is the case with most large public building projects, planning started several years earlier resulting in a design that was already at least four years old by the time the building was occupied. Rapid shifts in technology and the methods of how information is accessed and utilized drove the need to reallocate and redesign various interior spaces.

LGA was hired in 2012 to prepare a long range master plan to address several shortfalls in the building.  The scope of work for the renovations included the following:

  • Relocation of the Graduate Student Commons
  • Expansion of Special Collections intake and Web and Digitization (WDS) staff & work space
  • Reprogramming of public spaces to rezone quiet and group study areas,
  • Develop a reference consultation space
  • Develop a comprehensive display/exhibits program with uniform signage, use of flat panel displays, and interactive directories,
  • Renovate the first floor flooring,
  • Renovate the instruction room, and the administrative area,
  • Create a new tutoring area,
  • Create a new Leisure Reading area,
  • Upgrade lighting for consistency

LGA’s design approach with the UNLV Lied Library was to respect the existing building and develop flexible, easily changeable solutions.  Colors and materials played off the existing earth tone palette with a more modern feel that complements the existing building while giving it a fresh new feeling.


University of Nevada, Las Vegas


75,000 s.f.

Services Performed

Master Planning
Construction Administration


Prime Architect

The new Graduate Student Commons area of the UNLV Lied Library, designed by LGA Architecture.The entrance to the leisure reading area of the UNLV Lied Library, designed by LGA Architecture.