Aliante Library

North Las Vegas, Nevada

Public libraries create community. They bring diverse neighborhoods of people together, support local culture, educate, inspire and provide fantastic resources. Referred to as the “Great Equalizer,” libraries cater to all; whether you are a new parent, immigrant, LGBTIQ, amateur genealogist, teenager, person with a disability, teacher or elderly. Libraries are havens for everyone seeking knowledge, life skills, tutoring, the arts and so much more.

The 16,000-square-foot Aliante Library was originally designed for the city of Laughlin.  As the project was re-sited to Aliante, the project was modified to conform to North Las Vegas Library District requirements and Aliante design standards. New technologies were integrated into the project and the new building responded to new theories in library design.


North Las Vegas Library District


16,000 SF

Services Performed

Construction Administration


Prime Architect

The library is a model for staff-effective design, beauty, daylighting and energy performance. The project fills a multitude of needs for its patrons, from small children just discovering the joy of reading to senior citizens seeking a social environment in which to keep pace with technology and current affairs.

The building architecture revolved around use of minimal staffing to operate the facility while maintaining visual control from the circulation desk, and a need to keep certain spaces — meeting rooms, kitchen, lobby and restrooms — open to the public after hours.